onsdag den 21. april 2010

I Just wanted to make some looks to the spring/summer 2010 trends.
  • White dresses
  • Flowered fabric
  • Nude colour
  • Pastels
  • Sequin
  • Maxi dresses
  • Studs
some of the trends has been a trend through winter to.
so here are the 7 looks:

White dress

White dresses, is the MUST HAVE for the summer, and with some colored accesories it will be the cutest thing ever.

Roses are red
This look is wery summerfresh, flowers is a good replacement to a boring white top.

Going nude
A nude dress is allways useable, it looks good with black or white.

Sofisticated Pastels
Pastels are cute for the summer and spring, it makes you look young and fresh.

Remember not to overdo the sequins, it will look tacky.

Maxi Dress
Use the colors from the dress to find your accessories.

Studs goes with almost everything.

torsdag den 1. oktober 2009

I will start off with introducing my self.
I'm am a girl, as you can see :). I actually
don't have any experience in clothing, but
my biggest dream, is to become a fashion
designer, and if not that - then a fashion
stylist, so no matter what, something that
has to do with fashion. AND I'M GOING
TO MAKE IT HAPPEND! Wait and see...